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San Francisco Olympians Festival Announces Writers for 2015 @SFOlympiansFest #sfolympians6 #newplay

The San Francisco Olympians Festival kicked off last Saturday, November 1st, with their annual Opening Night Party and it continues Wednesday, November 5th, the first night of readings for the festival is being presented (NYMPHS, NYMPHS, NYMPHS!), and in the middle of all this excitement the writers for next year have been announced! If you’re like me and have been waiting on your computer hitting refresh again and again, the wait is finally over! Here is the full list:

Week One: THE DIVINE AQUATIC (11/4-11/7)

Wednesday, November 4: The Trumpeter

TRITON – John Lennon Harrison

Thursday, November 5: A Bevy of Beauties

THETIS – Neil Higgins

INO – Christian Simonsen

PSAMATHE – Kathryn Kruse

DORIS – Sabina Piersol

BRIZO – Carson Beker

GALENE – Sunil Patel

CYMOPLEIA – Bridgette Dutta Portman

EURYBIA – Madeline Puccioni

Friday, November 6: Old Men of the Sea


Saturday, November 7: The Ruling Couple

POSEIDON – Charles Lewis III

AMPHITRITE – Genne Murphy

Week Two: ARGONAUTICA (11/11-11/14)

Wednesday, November 11: The Crew

ATALANTA – Steven Westdahl

ORPHEUS – Megan Cohen

TELAMON – Laylah Murdan De Assereto

ADMETUS – Jennifer Roberts

CASTOR/POLLUX – Alandra Hileman

CALAIS/ZETES – Seanan Palmero


HERACLES/HYLAS – Alan Olejniczak

Thursday, November 12: The Captain

JASON – Allison Page

Friday, November 13: The Girl

MEDEA- Sam Hurwitt

Saturday, November 14: The Ship

ARGO- Jeremy Cole

Week Three: FATHOMLESS BLUE (11/18-11/21)

Wednesday, November 18: Masters of the Surf

DELPHIN 1 – Anthony Miller

DELPHIN 2 – Kathy Gilbert

Thursday, November 19: Island Rulers

AEOLUS – Kirk Shimano

CIRCE- Rachel Bublitz

Friday, November 20: Sea Titans

OCEANUS – Daniel Hirsch and Siyu Song

TETHYS – Marissa Skudlarek

Saturday, November 21: The Bottomless Deep

PONTOS – Meghan O’Connor Trowbridge

I am overjoyed to be coming back for my third straight year writing for this festival, and REALLY excited to be writing for Circe. Congratulations to all the writers!

And if you’re looking at this feeling blue that you have to wait a whole year for this fest, you don’t have to! San Francisco Festival V: Monster Ball is happening now! Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night between now and November 22nd, you can watch a reading of a brand new show at the Exit Theatre! See you at the shows!